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  • wedding

    Foot Washing during my Wedding Ceremony

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      My husband and I wanted our wedding ceremony to not be about us but the one who brought us together. After praying over the ceremony, I felt ...

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  • Good Morning America1

    Tim Tebow’s Good Morning America Upgrade

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    Working with the Tim Tebow Foundation has truly been an awesome experience for me the past three years. Tim asked me to help him upgrade the day of ...

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  • blueberries2

    Blueberry-Pecan Crunch

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    My family and I became very fond of an older lady we met at our church when I was younger. We adopted Mrs. Dutchie as a grandmother. When ...

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  • IMG_4462

    Turnip Green Pesto

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    Turnip greens are super healthy for you but not when flavored in pork fat. Try eating your greens in a new way this year starting with my turnip green pesto. What ...

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Crispy Chickpeas

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